iSting Personal Protection Pen

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Introducing the iSting Personal Protection Pen. Every year approximately 3 million people become victims of a violent assault. The iSting helps you fight back.

The small self defense device was engineered using no metal at all, making it undetectable to most.

At 4.75 inches long, the iSting attaches discreetly to your keyring and when the cap is on, disguises itself as a marker or pen. If an attacker should approach, you can easily unsheathe the iSting to reveal the sharp striking point and defend yourself. 


  • Thermoplastic polymers form polycarbonates used to engineer the abrasive, piercing point.
  • Blunt force edge.
  • Sharp striking point
  • Dual color options
  • Easy to conceal
  • Metal free
  • Penetrates fabric (including leather)
  • 4.75 inches long

    patent number D777,290

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