Grab and Go Phone Wallet - 3 Pack

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The mission of Streetwise Security Products is to protect what matters most. Regardless of how effective your self-defense product is it is not going to help you if it is not easily accessible. That’s where the Grab and Go Phone Wallet comes in. It allows you to carry essential items in the most accessible place possible- attached to your phone. The Grab and Go Phone Wallet sticks to the back of your phone and is made of soft, elastic material that expands to securely hold your credit cards, cash, driver’s license, and, most importantly, a personal alarm, pepper spray, or mini stun gun. You will never forget your wallet when it is attached to your phone. Protect what matters most AND simplify your life with the Grab and Go Phone Wallet.


  • Adheres to the back of your phone using 3M 300LSE “peel and stick” adhesive
  • Fits nearly all smartphones
  • Sticks to the back of your phone or its protective case
  • Measures 2 x 3 inches


Three Wallets (Teal, Purple, and Black)


Limited quantities are available. Please call for details.

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