Acrylic LED Rotating Countertop Display w/ Stun Guns Bundle

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The Acrylic LED Rotating Countertop Display is a perfect Point of Purchase display and is sure to increase your stun gun sales. The locking feature enables items to be safely displayed out of the packaging. Can be used anywhere: on a store counter, a table at a flea market or gun show, or a mall kiosk. Opens from either side. Sturdy locks keep items secure.

The unit has three big double-sided display shelves. Bright LED lighting showcases merchandise with style and draws attention to your location. Includes 3 each of SWDD23B, SWFP14B, SWBJ21BK, JP60P, JPTS75R, JRS75S, JP60B,  JMS98BK, JMS98PK, JMS98PR, JMS98TL, SWSRG18BK, SWTSR28B, SWSRG18PK, SWLC21WCQ, SWLC21BWC, JJ77B, SWLC21D, JLR90R, SWLC21RIB, SWLG165B, SWLG165P, JJ96TSF, a total of 69 stun guns. Includes a highly visible Streetwise Stun Guns sign in an acrylic holder. NOTE: If a stun gun is out of stock it will be supplemented by a similar stun gun of equal value.


  • 69 Stun Guns
  • LED Lighting Strips
  • Rotating Turntable Design
  • Security Locking Doors
  • Easy Accessible from 2 Sides
  • Electric Power Cord


  • Streetwise Rotating Countertop Display with LEDs
  • Streetwise Stun Guns sign w/Acrylic holder
  • 69 Stun Guns
  • Keys
  • Axillary wall outlet power cord

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