Top Online Dating Tips That Could Save Your Life

Top Online Dating Tips That Could Save Your Life

The dating game has always been a bit of a mystery—especially since the pandemic hit. But one thing is for sure: Online dating safety practices are a must

According to a study, around 12 million people in the United States become victims of intimate partner violence each year. Another alarming fact is that eight U.S. states exist that do not classify violence during dating as “domestic violence”. 

To ensure you are safe when you go on a date, here are the top 9 dating tips to stay safe:

Withhold Your Personal Details

It is imperative to be discriminate with what you choose to discuss about yourself on a date. There is no reason for your date to know your mother’s maiden name, your exact birth date and year, or anything that can help them locate you after you say goodbye.

Refrain from Posting Too Much on Your Social Media

As difficult as it may be to withhold that new house or car, do not give any onlookers identifying factors. Be sure to cover your license plate and home address number—yes, even just the number can track where you live.

Choose Where You Go

For no reason whatsoever should you let the person you are going on a date with choose the place. It could be prearranged to assault or kidnap you. Refrain from going “on their turf” and stay local to a place that you know where people know you.

Tell a Friend

Before you embark on a new date, be sure to tell a friend, family member, or trusted person where you are going. Provide them with all of the information you have about your date, including their:

  • Name

  • Telephone number

  • Social media handles

  • Make and model of car

  • What city they live in

Do Not Lead Them On

Leading someone on can become dangerous—and quickly. Stalking can be a serious aftermath of leading someone on. Be sure to stay communicative with your date about your true intentions. Body language, words, and actions can be misconstrued, so be as honest as you can about where you stand.

Trust Your Gut

That niggling voice inside of your head should be relied upon. If something is telling you that a situation or person is wrong—GO WITH IT. Do not overlook your gut, or you may end up regretting that choice later. If you feel uncomfortable, remove yourself from the situation immediately. 

Meet Them There

Whatever location you choose beforehand, be sure to meet your date at the location. For no reason should they know your home address. This may kill the appeal of ‘the gentleman picking you up at the front door’…but times have changed. Politely decline if they offer to pick you up or drop you off at your doorstep. There will be time for that later should the dates go well. 

Monitor Your Alcohol

Not only should you monitor how much alcohol you drink—you must literally watch your alcohol. Getting too intoxicated can lower your guard and allow you to lose control of a situation. Equally as important, do not late your date get your drink for you without your eyes on it the entire time. The date rape drug is odorless, colorless, and tasteless, and you will not know if your drink is spiked until it is too late.  

Have Your “I have to leave” Excuse Ready

In the event you are uncomfortable or not feeling the situation—or person—have your “I have to leave” excuse ready to go. Tell a friend beforehand of a signal to call you so you can politely remove yourself from the date gone wrong. Do not worry about hurting feelings—you may regret that decision if you ignore your intuition to get out of dodge!


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