Keep Your Family Connected On The Go

Keep Your Family Connected On The Go

We all know that spending time together as a family is harder than we would like; everyone is busy with their own schedule, but that doesn’t mean we stop worrying about them. We may not be able to be physically together, but we can still make sure they are safe and protected.

As a parent, it’s our job to worry about our children. But as they get older, they want their independence, which means they are gone from home more often. You don’t want to feel like you’re hovering, and they don’t want to feel like you're stopping them from growing up.

Sending a simple text or making a quick call seems like the most logical choice for a quick check-in, but often times it’s not an option or can feel like a lot of extra work at the time, so it won’t get done. We are in the age of quick and easy with as little interaction as possible, which makes features like a check-in button that sends an alert to those that need to know you are safe without all the extra communication so enticing.

Life360 has great location services and tracking for families so you always know where your loved ones are at. When they arrive at a destination they will be at for some time, they simply check in and you will be notified of their arrival and can rest easy they are where they should be. Even more, the Life360 app lets you load in your frequent places that everyone visits, so it’s simply a press of a button, no texting or calling required, and everyone is happy. The family circle will get the alert they have arrived and when they are leaving.

Keep your family safe, ease your mind and enjoy all the benefits that Life360 has to offer - there are so many more! Select the plan that fits your needs and even get a FREE TRIAL when you use this link: Life360 x SWYPESURE

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