A Free Credit Report Isn't Enough & Here's Why

A Free Credit Report Isn't Enough & Here's Why

We all know someone who has been hacked in some way. Almost every day, someone posts on Facebook that they have been hacked. Cybercrime is on the rise, and it is more important than ever to protect your personal information. One of your best lines of defense is monitoring your credit report.

You can pull a free credit report one time a year, and that is great, but what about the other 364 days? You could pull your report, and then two days later, your credit is compromised, but you have no access to regular reporting and won’t find out until it’s too late. This provides little protection against cybercriminals and identity thieves who are working on a daily to get into your accounts. 

Here are the top reasons you should invest in identity protection and regular credit monitoring: 

Fraud & Social Security Number Alerts

You can receive real-time changes to your credit report and scores - someone who tries to open a new line of credit you are alerted right away to stop the process before the damage has been done.

Your Credit Report from all 3 Bureaus Can be Seen in One Place

When you get the free reports, you have to go through each site, providing your information over and over again, hoping your answers match theirs before you can see your reports. Then you have 3 separate books in front of you that someone how you have to compare line by line. With identity theft protection, you get one easy-to-read report with all three in one place, and it’s easier to spot inaccuracies or potential fraud. 

Real-Time Credit Monitoring

Your annual credit report means do-it-yourself monitoring because free reports don’t come with a credit monitoring alert feature. You won’t receive an alert if the information on one of your credit reports changes or if there is possible suspicious activity.

Identity Theft Restoration Assistance

If you find suspicious activity on your credit report, there are set steps to take to report the fraud and retrieve your stolen identity. Unfortunately, most people don’t know what those steps are. An identity theft protection service has a team of experts available to help members restore their identities, and the quicker, the better.

Identity Theft Insurance

Identity protection services have tools to help restore your identity and ease the burden if you become a victim. Identity theft insurance can cover everything from stolen funds to lost wages to costs for attorneys as you deal with identity theft.

It is to your benefit to use an identity protection service like IdentityIQ and set up monitoring and alerts so you can have more peace of mind about your financial future. 

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